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Welcome to Actikem!

We deliver bespoke chemical services at an affordable price

Actikem Ltd, founded in 2002, is an ISO9001 certified business that was set up in response to a growing demand from the chemical industry for outsourced non-core chemical services.

Already working with some of the industry’s leading organisations, Actikem provides bespoke chemical manufacturing and repacking services to the UK and European chemical supply chain with a strong focus on delivering an unrivalled service.

Based in Warrington, Cheshire, Actikem provides an ideal location for companies looking for specialist chemical solutions.

Our range of chemical services provides customers with on-tap production facilities, reducing costs and offering customers greater flexibility.

What we do



Formulations, Dilutions, Blending, Manufacturing plus other services


Bespoke processing service for powders and liquids



Repacking, decanting and labelling service for liquids and powders


Ambient or temperature controlled storage for bulk and packaged goods


Comprehensive distribution services from samples to full tanker deliveries

How we help

What our clients say

The service is always excellent with Actikem. I find the staff to be friendly and courteous and generally a pleasure to do business with. If there are problems with any of the deliveries/collections they always work with us towards a solution – and the solutions are always quickly executed.
Thanks Actikem for all your assistance and keep up the good work!
Communications have been excellent and I believe this is the secret to the successful business relationship that we have with Actikem. I would strongly recommend Actikem’s powder blending and re-packaging services to anyone who requires this type of work.
I contacted Actikem with a view to them manufacturing one of our key products. My previous supplier was no longer able to fulfil the quantities I needed. Actikem were very professional in handling our enquiry. Their technical competence and experience in raw material sourcing, ensured smooth transfer of the products. We are pleased to be associated with Actikem Ltd.

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