Actikem Hosts South Manchester Manufacturer’s Alliance (S.M.M.A.) Meeting

Pictured: Delegates from the S.M.M.A. at the Actikem site

Actikem delighted to host S.M.M.A. event for a second time

On Tuesday, 16th July 2019, Actikem hosted a visit of 14 delegates from the South Manchester Manufacturer’s Alliance (S.M.M.A.). The day proved to be a great success and Actikem were delighted to host this event again, which included the provision of breakfast, lunch, refreshments; the delegates’ meeting and a tour of Actikem’s factory and laboratory.

The South Manchester group was the second of the Manufacturers’ Alliance groups to be set up in the North West. The group launched back in January 2016 and has been chaired by John Barnes and David Searle since its launch. Andrew Mooney (M.D. at Actikem) has been a member of this group since 2017.

The group consists of SME manufacturing businesses ranging from £1.5m to £12m turnover, has a collective trading history of over 400 years and consists of mainly Managing Directors of SME manufacturing businesses.

Presentation by Handley James Consulting

Natalie Handley and Peter James from Handley James Consulting gave a thought-provoking and stimulating presentation on their recruitment business. Their areas of recruitment expertise include Building Materials, Lean Sigma, FMCG, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Capital Equipment. For more information on Handley James, please visit their website:

What Members say about the S.M.M.A…

Members of the S.M.M.A. find that attending the meetings is a great way to learn and grow. The format provides many opportunities to see things differently and develop ideas away from what would be the norm. They are a supportive group of people who are happy to help others whenever they can. Members benefit greatly from having this support network and find the peer to peer problem-solving discussions, where members can talk openly and honestly about issues, very helpful. The monthly meetings provide members with time out to think, reflect and share experiences. The speaker insights are very informative too. The members’ network also provides new connections, and there is great fun and camaraderie within the group too!

What is the Manufacturer’s Alliance?

The Manufacturers’ Alliance launched in 2013 and consists of groups of leaders from the UK manufacturing community that meet on a monthly basis to help each other achieve their personal and business ambitions. For some, this is a continuous personal development journey, others it is managing a high growth business. Whatever the reason for joining an Alliance group, the outcome will benefit members and the growth of manufacturing in the UK.

The experienced Chairpersons not only facilitate the meetings but take an active interest in the growth of the UK manufacturing industry. They share a passion for the ‘made in the UK’ brand and very much want to see success in the room.

The Manufacturing Alliance model is not a new concept. Mastermind type groups have been in operation for decades. Many famous people in manufacturing, such as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie have utilised this type of group working on their own journey to success.

Although the model is not a new concept, their approach is unique. They are the only peer groups operating in the UK with a dedicated focus on the manufacturing industry and its leaders. They also develop a culture within their groups that has led to sharing at a very deep level – a level that will transform members’ thinking and their business.

What do Members of the S.M.M.A. gain?

  • >Continuously improve your strategic knowledge and leadership skills
    • Solve your most challenging business issues with like minded people and learn to make the best decisions for your organisation
  • Gain new ideas from like-minded manufacturing leaders
    • Save time and expensive consultancy fees and learn from people like you in the industry who have been there and got the t-shirt
  • Join an exclusive members-only group for manufacturing leaders
    • Gain the support you need from the member network of ambitious people like you, and our industry leading chairs and speakers

Why do People Join the Manufacturer’s Alliance?

The Manufacturer’s Alliance: Locations

  • Merseyside
  • North Manchester
  • West Yorkshire
  • Cheshire
  • Lancashire
  • West Manchester
  • South Manchester
  • North Wales
  • South Yorkshire

Why not Attend a Free Taster?

To attend a free taster, please complete the contact details on the Manufacturer’s Alliance website:

The Manufacturer’s Alliance: Contact Details

Tel: 01204 410062

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