Case Studies

International aftermarket car care product manufacturer

One of Actikem’s customer’s who formulate a number of aftermarket car- care products in the automotive industry approached Actikem to assist in the development, formulation and testing of a new emulsifier raw material. The customer was using a product which contained a biocide, which, under the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) Regulations, would have required the relabelling and notification of hazardous ingredients to national poison centres. There was an urgent need therefore for Actikem to create a new formulation containing an alternative biocide, at lower levels in the formulation and maintain the in-can preservation.

Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturer

Actikem works with several companies under strict confidentiality agreements to ensure customer information and knowledge is secret and secure. Actikem work with customers who operate in the highly regulated pharmaceutical market for the manufacture of cancer drugs.

Actikem were approached by their customer and asked to streamline the supply chain of a product we supplied to them in the bio fermentation stage of a drug manufacturing process.

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