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Stable Emulsion Technology with new Homogeniser

Creating a stable emulsion of oils/fats with water can be a real challenge. Following a successful collaboration with one of our customers, Actikem has commissioned and installed a new Gaulin homogeniser unit offering customers increased capacity and more stable emulsions. The Gaulin unit creates extremely stable emulsions ideal for many industries including: Food and dairy…
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Faster, more accurate moisture analysis from Actikem

At the end of June 2017, Actikem will be making further investments in laboratory equipment with the purchase of a Karl Fischer Moisture analyser. This will allow Actikem to offer numerous additional benefits to their moisture analysis services, including: Speedy moisture analysis of production samples (where moisture content is a critical factor of the quality control of…
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New investment delivers enhanced liquid packing services

Packaging and repackaging of liquids is one of Actikem's core services supplying innovative solutions to the UK and European chemical supply chain. With numerous clients in the coatings sector, the wide scope of products and pack types we deal with mean that our filling machinery needs to be particularly flexible. Our latest addition is a highly adaptable semi-automatic…
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New HMRC Licence for Actikem

Actikem have registered as a distributor of denatured alcohol. Actikem have received HMRC’s licence as a distributor of dentured alcohol
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