New investment delivers enhanced liquid packing services

Actikem are focused on delivering efficiencyPackaging and repackaging of liquids is one of Actikem's core services supplying innovative solutions to the UK and European chemical supply chain.

With numerous clients in the coatings sector, the wide scope of products and pack types we deal with mean that our filling machinery needs to be particularly flexible.

Our latest addition is a highly adaptable semi-automatic volumetric filling machine capable of handling a diverse range of products. The machine is designed to fill small packs between 100ml and 1000ml. It can also handle a wide range of product viscosities from solvent-based coatings to thick pastes.

Being air operated, the equipment is suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous filling applications.

These adaptable capabilities make the equipment ideal to service many markets including coatings, cosmetics, detergents and industrial chemicals.

The filler makes use of the latest advances in cylinder and servo motor technology to ensure the highest precision. The straightforward configuration makes for rapid and thorough clean down while the innovative non-drip valve delivers the quality and accuracy required for hazardous products.

Our investment underpins Actikem's commitment to meeting our customers’ growing need to have their products packed into smaller units. This offers customers flexibility with material planning. The flexibility of this new equipment accommodates both small batches and bulk quantities.

Operations Director at Actikem Trevor Gleave comments:

 'Commissioning this machine has provided us with further scope to respond to customers’ needs. It has enabled us to offer them a premium service.'

Bespoke Labelling

Actikem also offers bespoke chemical labelling for various sizes of packaging, including small pack sizes.

With their expertise in Chemical Labelling, both GHS (Globally Harmonised System) and the UK’s CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) Regulation, Actikem is happy to aid customers requiring compliant labels.

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