Faster, more accurate moisture analysis from Actikem

At the end of June 2017, Actikem will be making further investments in laboratory equipment with the purchase of a Karl Fischer Moisture analyser. This will allow Actikem to offer numerous additional benefits to their moisture analysis services, including:

  • Speedy moisture analysis of production samples (where moisture content is a critical factor of the quality control of the product)
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Accurate results

Proven moisture analysis technology

Karl Fischer Moisture Analyser

Karl Fischer titration is a classic titration method in analytical chemistry. It uses coulometric or volumetric titration to determine trace amounts of water in a sample. German chemist Karl Fischer invented the method in 1935. It remains the primary method of water content determination used worldwide by government, academia and industry laboratories, including all major chemical manufacturers and petroleum refiners.

The popularity of the Karl Fischer titration is due in large part to several practical advantages that it holds over other methods of moisture analysis, such as accuracy, speed and selectivity. Samples need minimal preparation, consequently, a liquid sample can usually be directly injected using a syringe. The analysis is typically complete within a minute.

Andrew Mooney commented

‘The purchase of this state of the art laboratory equipment is part of our strategy to re-invest. Our focus is always improving efficiencies and capabilities and delivering real value to our customers. The new equipment also expands our testing capabilities. It will help us to significantly reduce the time taken to test products, thereby helping us to accelerate our Quality Control process. We also expect potential reductions in product lead times to our customers.’

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