BASF ‘Business of Science’ Pre-Conference Dinner

A very enjoyable evening was had by all at the 'Business ofScience' Pre-Conference dinner, hosted by sponsors BASF on Wednesday 17th May at the Victoria and Albert Marriott Hotel in Manchester.


Andrew and Audrey Mooney who attended the event, enjoyed an evening of conversation and networking. Guests were treated to a drinks reception, followed by a fantastic dinner, and were welcomed by Steve Bennett (Managing Director, Science North Ltd) and Richard J. Carter, (Managing Director, BASF UK & Ireland).

Business of Science Leadership Awards

During the evening, Neil Murray, RedxPharma presented the Business of Science Leadership Awards. These national Awards are presented for special recognition in outstanding business leadership in an area of science and innovation.

Topics of discussion on the night included the STEM Ambassador Programme, and crucially, how we inspire the next generation of scientists?

Business of Science Conference

The Business of Science Conference took place at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester on Thursday 18th May. For more information on the Business of Science Conference, please click on the link:


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