Chemical Security Policy

The Directors commit to manage all chemical security aspects of our activities so that we provide a high level of protection for the health and safety of all the stakeholders of our business and for the environment. We will demonstrate our commitment to sustainable and continual improvement by adhering to the following:

  • Policy: Chemical Security will be an integral part of our business risk assessments and an integral part of our overall business strategy.
  • Employee involvement: We recognise that all employees have responsibility in Chemical Security and the involvement and commitment of our employees and associates will be essential to achieve effective security across our business. We will adopt communication and training programmes aimed at achieving that responsibility, involvement and commitment.
  • Transport and Distribution: We will adopt procedures to ensure Chemical Safety during transportation and distribution, and work with hauliers to improve our performance.
  • Site and Process Security: We will risk assess and manage the security risks associated with our site and processes. We will assess the security risks associated with our products, and seek to ensure these risks are properly managed throughout the Actikem supply chain involving our customers, suppliers and hauliers.
  • Emergency Preparedness: We will develop a site emergency action plan that will protect employees, the environments and company assets as well as our communities.
  • Information and Information Systems: Information networks and systems are as critical to our company’s success as its manufacturing and distribution systems. The same security management principles will be applied to our information and information systems.
  • Stakeholder engagement: We will monitor our Chemical Security performance and report failures through our non-conformance system.
  • Management systems: We will maintain documented management systems to deliver a consistent and reliable Chemical Security program over time. Actikem will document the key elements of their program.
  • Threats: Actikem will evaluate, respond to or report any security threats as appropriate. Real and credible threats will be reported and communicated to company and law enforcement personnel as appropriate.
  • Organisation and Responsibilities: The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring Executive Level commitment to continual improvement in the security risk profile of Actikem Ltd.

The Operations Director is responsible for co-ordinating Security Management activities across Actikem Ltd, and for auditing of compliance with Company Policy and Guidelines.

The Company Directors are responsible for developing and maintaining Security Management Procedures within the Policy and Guidelines, as appropriate to the site, for the provision of information to stakeholders and for providing appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, associates and visitors. They are also responsible for ensuring auditing and compliance with these procedures.

It is the duty of all employees, associates and visitors to take responsibility of Chemical Security and ensure the health and safety of themselves, their fellow workers and the public and to co-operate with their Company to enable it to fulfil its statutory and other obligations.

We commit to this Policy and to an annual review of its application.

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