Stable Emulsion Technology with new Homogeniser

Creating a stable emulsion of oils/fats with water can be a real challenge. Following a successful collaboration with one of our customers, Actikem has commissioned and installed a new Gaulin homogeniser unit offering customers increased capacity and more stable emulsions.

The Gaulin unit creates extremely stable emulsions ideal for many industries including:

  • Food and dairy
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Petroleum
  • Cosmetic
  • Biotech
  • Industrial chemicals.

In most applications, these emulsions consist of a fat/oil blended into a water. The Gaulin homogeniser is a very high pressure, multi-piston pump with a small, variable sized orifice.

Stable emulsion using Actikem's new Gaulin Homogeniser

Actikem's new Gaulin Homogeniser

As product is forced through the orifice, the resultant shear forces break down fat/oil globules to sizes small enough to prevent (or at least considerably delay) the natural separation of a single component from the rest of the emulsion.

Actikem expertise enhances emulsion performance

While specialist equipment such as the Gaulin Homogeniser directly benefits the stability of the mixing process, emulsification can be taken a step further.

Actikem offers particular expertise in the field of surfactants and the combination of Actikem's knowledge with the new homogeniser unit can deliver real benefit to your processes.

Trevor Gleave, Actikem’s Operations Director commented,

“I have been very pleased how the installation has gone. This equipment brings much-needed capacity and increases our emulsification technologies. Actikem can now offer customers a range of emulsification capabilities. This new plant will have applications in most of our strategic industries.”

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