Andrew Mooney co-founded Actikem Ltd in October 2002.

A Chemistry graduate from the University of Glasgow, he has worked with some of the world leading speciality and industrial chemical companies. Andrew has over 30 years’ chemical industry experience in adhesives and construction chemicals; coatings and biocides; surfactants and pigments. He previously held positions in the James River Corporation and BASF in diverse roles as Development Chemist, Technical Support, Technical Marketing, Technical Management, Production Management and as Business Unit Manager.

"I am open to new ways of working with customers and suppliers and ready to trial new ways to improve every aspect of our service to the chemical supply chain. We grow as a result of our customers' growth and our suppliers' support. I believe delivering great customer service and value is of absolute importance. I want our company to be known for delivering outstanding quality, growth and prosperity for our partners and employees, and make a positive impact to the people we touch."

Key roles...

  • Direction and control of the work and resources of Actikem to ensure that the company achieves its mission, vision, values and objectives
  • Preparation of the annual business plan and monitoring progress against the plan
  • Establishing and maintaining effective formal and informal links with major customers, relevant government departments and agencies, local authorities, key decision-makers and other stakeholders generally
  • Developing and maintaining an effective marketing and public relations strategy to promote the products, services and image of Actikem in the wider community
  • Representing Actikem in negotiations with customers, suppliers, government departments and other key contacts to secure the most effective contract terms for Actikem

Away from the office...

I have been a category 1 golfer for over 30 years and enjoy the healthy competition and camaraderie this brings.

I enjoy finding out about new technology and how this can solve the problems of the day. I also love watching a good Sci-Fi movie, eating good food, drinking a good white Marlborough and spending quality time relaxing with my family and friends.

More recently I have been interested in DIY, as we have recently moved to a 1930’s Art Deco house which I love and want to improve.

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