Powders down to 100g and liquids down to 250ml.
That really depends on the product type, quantity and processes involved. Please contact us with the job details and we will gladly offer you a quote for the work.
We can re-pack solvents down to 250ml pack size and can incorporate some solvents into some blends. Please contact us for details.
We can handle a range of hazards on site. Please contact us with your enquiry, as there are many parameters that need to be considered.
Yes, we can process and re-pack down to 100g lots.
Yes, we would always carry out lab trials and recommend to customers that pre-production trials are conducted.
Yes, we are members of the Chemical Business Association (C.B.A.) and fully subscribe to the principles of Responsible Care.
You are more than welcome to come and visit. Please contact our Sales Office on +44(0)1925 593900 to make an appointment.
Yes, please contact us with details of the processes required and we can discuss further.
Yes. Batch processing is commonplace in our business.
Yes, we handle flammables. Please call us on +44 (0) 1925 593900 with details of your specific requirements.

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