• Chemical Dilutions

    Chemical Dilutions

    Bespoke Dilutions Service for a wide range of products

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  • Custom Chemical Formulation

    Custom Chemical Formulation

    Development and Refining of Chemical Formulations

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  • Chemical Blending

    Chemical Blending

    Bespoke Blending Service for Various Products

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  • Non-Core Processing

    Non-Core Processing

    Bespoke Processing Service for Powders and Liquids

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  • Chemical Manufacturing

    Chemical Manufacturing

    Manufacturing Service for Various Products

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  • Storage of Chemicals

    Storage of Chemicals

    Storage of Bulk and Packaged Goods

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  • Chemical Repacking

    Chemical Repacking

    Repacking and Decanting Service for Liquids and Powders

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  • Chemical Logistics and Distribution

    Chemical Logistics and Distribution

    Collection and Delivery of Products

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  • Chemical Sampling

    Chemical Sampling

    Actikem can produce, test and send your samples

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  • Chemical Labelling

    Chemical Labelling

    Bespoke Labels for Packed Goods

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